Developer: Carbona Sales Ltd.

Status: completed in 2010

A twenty stories high unique tower that is a significant urban landmark on the city border of Ramat-Gan and Givata'im. The building is located on lot, that is about half an acre, on Sirkin, at a point where there is a sharp topography differences of sixteen meters between the active Sirkin street, where the lobby and entrance is, to the upper and quiet Poalei Harakevet street from where there is a secondary entrance to the building through a small bridge overlooking the view.

The building geometry is a semicircle with three apartments per floor that are evenly dividing the arc of the building's front facade, so that all the apartments are have view to the sea and Tel Aviv. The design of the rounded floating metal beams and cornices was in order to enhance the building's geometry. There is also an enhancement of the contrast between the two parts of the building by the employing of metal and glass elements in the round part that are contrast of the red granite stone cladding that is covering the building's quadrangular core which is positioned at the rear façade.

*Rothman-Raz Architects

Diamond Tower, Ramat Gan​

Giora Rothman Architects ​