Developer: Herzeliya Municipality

Year: 2014

Our Proposed plan, which came third, at a public competition for the planning of north Herzeliya, the airport area.

The plan was done with cooperation of architect Zvi Springer and architect Rubi Talfus.

We had to deal with creating a whole quarter, which includes 15000 residential units over an area of approx. 1000 dunam, ​while relating to the academic compound and the main road through the Jewish Brigade south, Jerusalem road on the east, road 531 and the train in the north and Herzeliya park in the west. We also had to cope with the two small neighborhoods of Nachlat Ada and Gan Rachel.

Planning was based on urban typology of seven low buildings and one tower of different height, around an inner yard.

The goal of the developing such type is to create streets with authentic urban feeling, with a strong front to the street which defines the public area and creates quality borders between the public and the private.

According to these stones we created a quarter divided into 3 neighborhoods, with definition as to use, centers and public areas according to the relative location to the city and the area.

Along the urban thinking, we thought how to deal the nature and landscape which exists there and in the park to the west, and we decided to flow the park inside, alongside the compound, and a wild quality axis that runs along the development  irregularly and penetrates every so often into the yards and public square.

That way the quarter exist with the strong geometric grid of buildings and in its heart runs a natural wild landscape.

North Herzeliya Competition

Giora Rothman Architects ​