Developer: Hagag Group

Status: Under construction


The project consists of two 25 story residential towers located opposite the Yarkon river park. The idea behind the design of the towers was the will to allow a double story space for living rooms and balconies for all the apartments in the complex. The planning is such that on each floor, four spaces penetrate them from the floor below in order to enable the double story spaces. The façade design is directed for the enhancement of the double overlapping spaces pattern by emphasizing the balconies cornices with high beams that descend downward from the balconies edges and are split along the middle, a modern take to a common design element of the city's international style architecture.

Along the center of the tower's main body are five massive metallic columns, on each of the four sides, that stretch along the entire structure, up to the penthouses. The columns emphasize the building's tallness and enables morphologic tension and balance between them and the "jumping" element of the balconies. On the ground floor, between the two building, a large private swimming pool is situated, which is in fact at the center of a big landscaped area, which is actually a hillside that descends on a gentle slope to Rokach and Levi Eshkol Streets, without any fencing and a clear border. The delicate and borderless contact of the project's lot to the street, creates a pleasant and friendly encounter between the complex and the pedestrian and prevents the feeling of a gated community.

The project consists of a total of 168 residential units and 44,387 sqm of built area.


Gordon's Ranch Project, Ramat Gan

Giora Rothman Architects ​